Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What does it mean?

YCMC is the acronym for Your Closet My Closet, in Italian: "Il tuo armadio è il mio armadio". YCMC was born from the desire to put the clothing you no longer wear back into circulation for the collective good and the planet. With YCMC we want to discourage the hyper-consumption and hyper-production of clothing and accessories, thus reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

What is that?

YCMC is a service that allows you to swap the clothing and accessories you no longer wear with clothing items available in the Digital Closet made available and managed by YCMC. YCMC also provides you with a free style consultancy with AMI, your virtual personal stylist, giving you personalized suggestions to get the best possible style result from the swaps.

How does it work?

It's easy: answer a few questions to let AMI understand who you are and what you like, and receive advice for personalized use of the Digital Closet filters in order to select the clothing that best suits you. Once you've chosen the Digital Closet items you want, offer your unused clothing in exchange. All items are valued in tokens, a virtual currency valid only within YCMC.


Who is AMI?

AMI is your virtual personal stylist offered by YCMC. Thanks to some questions about your physical characteristics and style preferences, AMI will offer you suggestions on how to make the most of yourself and how to find the most suitable fashion items for you within the Digital Closet. AMI is able to help everyone, regardless of gender identity.

Do I have to go through the style consultancy to swap?

No, it is not mandatory to do the consultancy with AMI to swap. However, we recommend you try it to get the best results from the filters made available in the Digital Closet and for advice on how to enhance your image. Don't worry , your data will be treated properly. And it only takes a few minutes ;)

What style tips can you give me?

Starting from your data, AMI shows you the style that suits your tastes best to inspire your looks; your color palette (Armocromia) and the strategies to adopt to enhance your silhouette based on the results you want to achieve. AMI never uses labeling or discriminating language for people and, above all, it has no preconceptions about the results each of us aspires to!

Is AMI chargeable?

The consultancy with AMI is included in the single cost including all YCMC services, which you will pay only when you request an swap. You can do the AMI consultancy for free at any time and even without proceeding with the swaps afterwards!


What is that?

The YCMC Digital Closet is the place where you can find all the items that our community makes available for swapping. Each item in the Digital Closet is subjected to our quality check, photographed and carefully described. Our selection focuses on quality and originality and includes both men's and women's items that can be combined to suit all gender identities.


Tavola delle taglie


VITA (cm)


XXS 34 2 30 30 28 36 3 44
XXS 36 4 32 32 30 0 38 5 44 22/23 72-75 60-62 81-84
XS 38 6 34 34 32 2 40 7 55


76-79 63-65 85-88
S 40 8 36 36 34 4 42 9 55 25/27 80-83 66-68 89-92
M 42 10 38 38 36 6 44 11 66 28/29 84-87 69-71 93-96
L 44 12 40 40 38 8 46 13 66 30/31 88-91 72-75 97-99
XL 46 14 42 42 40 10 48 15 77 32/33 92-95 76-79 100-102
XXL 48 16 44 44 42 12 50 17 77 34/35 96-99 80-82 103-105
XXXL o 3XL 50 18 46 46 44 14 52 19 88 36/37 100-103 83-86 106-107
XXXL o 3XL 52 20 48 48 46 54 21 88 38/39 104-107 87-90 108-111
XXXL o 3XL 54 40 108-111 91-94 112-115


How do I make the exchange?

To swap, simply load all the YCMC items you want to receive into the Digital Closet cart and then checkout, or pay the fixed cost of the YCMC services . This payment will be held on hold until you have provided us with information about the clothing you wish to give away and we have confirmed its " swappability ", and in the meantime the items you have ordered will be considered as reserved. You will have 2 days to upload your items and accumulate the tokens necessary for the swap.

How do I provide you with information about the clothing I want to swap?

At the end of the checkout you receive an email with a link to the " What do you offer in exchange? " form which will allow you to calculate the token value of your items, insert photos and other useful information to evaluate whether they are swappable. Click on “Send” to send us this information. We will communicate our evaluation to you within two working days. N.B. For each item you offer, fill out a separate form!

How do you evaluate the "swappability" of the clothing I offer?

YCMC, is exclusively reserved to adults, does not deal or swap children's clothing. That being said, your clothing is swappable when: a) its materials are of good quality; b) its design is particular and/or valuable; c) it is vintage. NB: We do not carry out repairs or washing, therefore we consider items in poor condition and/or dirty to be non-swappable even if they are vintage.

What if the clothing I offer is swappable?

We confirm by email that your item is swappabe. If the tokens you have accumulated are sufficient for the exchange, with the same email you will receive the label to send us the item for quality check and we will release the payment for YCMC services put on hold during the checkout phase. Otherwise, we invite you to offer additional items until you reach the token value needed for the swap.

What happens if the clothing I offer is not swappable?

If one of your items is not swappable, we will cancel the payment you made during the Digital Closet checkout phase which we put on hold. We do not take any fees from your account . On the other hand, we cancel the tokens attributed to that item. To avoid the unpleasant feeling of having wasted time, carefully evaluate our swappability criteria ;)

When will I receive the Digital Closet item(s) I ordered?

When we receive the clothing you give away in our hub, we carry out quality check and if everything is in order we immediately send you the item or items you requested!

Can I buy without swapping?

No, unfortunately the purchase option on YCMC is not available, and the token value of the items is not convertible into another currency. Our goal is for you to update your wardrobe in a cost-effective way, so we only accept swaps!

Can I reserve Digital Closet items?

When you pay the fixed cost of YCMC services, the items ordered are already considered reserved for swap , until you upload the information of the items you offer in exchange. From check-out, you have 2 working days to do so. If you fail to upload items or reach a sufficient number of tokens, the fixed cost of YCMC services will not be deducted from your account.


How much does YCMC cost?

The only cost you will have to bear for each swap refers to YCMC services and amounts to €9.90. This cost is fixed and does not increase even if, in the context of the same swap, you request more than one item.

What does the fixed cost of YCMC services include?

YCMC services include AMI customization, Digital Closet management, swapping process mediation, quality check on exchanged items, token valuation and shipping of items to enable the swap.

Are shipments included in the fixed cost?

Yes, both shipments involved in an exchange are included in the fixed cost of YCMC services. To send your items to YCMC and receive the ones you have chosen from the Digital Closet you will not have to pay anything else!


Who checks that the items are in good condition?

YCMC! Every item that comes to us is checked to verify that it corresponds to the characteristics you indicated in the "What do you offer in exchange?" form. This way the YCMC community, which includes you, will only receive good quality items!

What happens if my items do not pass quality check?

If we find any inconsistencies between the information you provided in the “What do you offer in exchange?” form and the item we receive, for example defects that were not highlighted, quality significantly lower than that described or other, we reserve the right to review the token valuation or, in extreme cases, the swappability of the item. In this case, you can request the return of your item and cover the transport costs.

What can I do to avoid failing quality check?

To avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, make sure the descriptions of your items are accurate. If you need further clarification, you can contact us at the following numbers:

Tel: +39 3780824894



What are tokens?

YCMC tokens are the virtual currency used by our community to value clothing items and make trades. YCMC tokens have value only within our community, they are not convertible into any real currency or transferable. Each item in the Digital Closet has a value expressed in tokens.

Who calculates the token value of my items?

You! thanks to the TOKEN-izer tool that we make available to you when you fill out the "What do you offer in exchange?" form, in the " Token " section of this site and by clicking on the link in the bio of our Instagram profile.

How is the token value of my items calculated?

The TOKEN-izer starts from the price in euros that each item would have if it were new and applies a series of depreciations based on the fact that it is second-hand and the defects indicated by you. The value obtained is divided by 10. The TOKEN-izer standardizes the way in which value is attributed to all the items in the Digital Closet, so you can compare them quickly and easily with each other!

What happens if I have fewer tokens than I need for the swap?

If you do not reach the number of tokens necessary to receive the Digital Closet items you want, simply offer , via the "What do you offer in exchange?" form, other items to exchange until you obtain the required token value. A form must be filled out for each item offered. The tokens attributed to the different articles can be combined.

What happens if I have more tokens than I need for the swap?

If you offer clothing worth more tokens than needed for the swap, YCMC records a credit in your favor, so that you can use them for a subsequent swap.

Where do I see how many tokens I have accumulated?

At the end of each swap we send you via email a summary of the tokens used and available. Simply keep our emails to track your tokens.


Can I return it?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the item you received, you can ship it to YCMC within 14 days of receiving it. Once we have verified that everything is in order, we will return the tokens corresponding to the item you return.

What do you check once you receive the return?

We verify that the item you return to us is in the same condition in which we sent it to you.

How does return shipping work?

Return shipping costs are not included in YCMC services, but are your responsibility. The address to send to is:

Mastra Sa' srl, c/o Spazio Attivo Lazio Innova, Piazza della Indipendenza, 18 - 00039 - Zagarolo (RM)

Is the cost of YCMC Services refundable?

No, the cost of the YCMC Services (€9.90) is not refundable as it covers the cost of activities already carried out to allow you to trade (customization, mediation for the trade, token valuation, transport of the swap).

You did not find what you were looking for?

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